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provides humus that assists in soil aggregation.   
BOOST increases moisture infiltration in heavy soil by reducing the  density of the heavy soils.
BOOST improves the moisture holding capacity of light soils by adding organic matter which improves moisture retention.
BOOST Supplies Organic matter to the soil aiding in the proliferation of soil microorganisms.
BOOST encourages root growth.
BOOST Retains Moisture and
 Adds Trace Minerals
BOOST Increases Soil Nutrients
BOOST is Great MULCH For Lawns and Gardens, Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables 

BOOST is Registered with the Montana Dept of Agriculture
                 To see the BOOST Label click HERE
                                    AfterBurner Boost Testimonials

                BOOST is available in bags or bulk at Huls Dairy, please call              406-961-8887 or 360-0779 for an appointment to load.

BOOST in bags at the following retail outlets

CowPoke Ranch Supply, Corvallis, MT 406-961-4917 
Empire Landscape, Victor, MT 406-642-6500
Evans Ace Hardware, Hamilton, MT 406-363-3351
Fox Repair, Corvallis, MT 406-961-4202
Lake Land Feed & Supply, Hamilton, MT 406-363-2334
Montana Ace, Fancy Plants Garden Center Missoula, MT 406-728-3030
Mountain West Co-op, Stevensville, MT 406-777-5441
Mountain West Co-op, Missoula, MT 406-543-8383
Mountain West Co-op, Ronan, MT 406-676-2201
Stevensville Feed and Farm Stevensville, MT 406-777-5527