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A Brief Description of Huls Dairy:
Huls Dairy Inc. is located approximately 5 miles north of Corvallis, Montana in Ravalli County.  Huls Dairy is currently milking 380 cows. Heifer calves are raised on the dairy for replacements. The herd at any given time includes Holsteins and Holstein Jersey cross animals ranging in age from newborns to fully mature adults with about 800 animals in total. Alfalfa hay, barley, corn and pasture are grown on 600 acres of irrigated land. This production provides the majority of the feed for the animals.

 The milking center is a 24 stall Westfalia Surge carousel with automated cow identification, milk measurements, cow sorting on exit, and data collection. The milking center is tour friendly with large viewing windows allowing visitors to safely see the milking process; over 5000 people have toured our state of the art dairy operation since operations began in 2003.
The cattle housing facility is a 120’ X 360’ Cover All building. The six row free stall barn features Artex free stall loops, Pasture Mat cow mattresses, 10 and 14 foot alleys with a 20' drive through feed lane. The cow alleys are cleaned 12 times a day by a Dairy Master automated alley scraper system which delivers the manure to an underground gravity flow channel that feeds the 12'x12x14 deep mixing tank where it is agitated before being pumped to the digester. The design also incorperates the milking center holding pen, two vet pens with 40 lockups each and an area for special needs cows.

In July of 2007 construction began on the waste management system consisting of the methane digester, lined pond with gravity flow irrigation supplementation, the solids separation facility and Combined Heat & Power generator system. Digester Operation began in September of 2008. Currently the digester is producing the electricity for the dairy operation and some Bitter Root valley homes. The separated solids are being bagged and marketed as Afterburner Boost garden and lawn fertilizer. The liquid fraction is being captured in the lined pond for application to crop and pasture land.