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Digestion occurs in two 30,000 gallon  tanks  in which the dairy manure slurry is processed at  100+ degrees F in an anaerobic (oxygen free) environment for 5 days. During this time the volatile solids are destroyed by bacteria creating methane gas..

 This picture taken during construction shows the metal frame of the digester building being assembled after tank placement. The building dimensions are 24’ W by 45’ L with an eve height of 36’ and peak height of 40’. The generator room is attached to the east end and measures 24’ W by 20’ L with eve height 14’...




Methane Gas is produced at about 20 cubic feet per minute 24 hours a day. The gas is used to fuel a 50 KW generator. The Generator is connected to the grid providing electricity to power the dairy and Bitterroot Valley homes

flairweb.jpg Methane Flare

Methane gas not used by the generator is sent to a flare to be burned preventing escape to the atmosphere. Methane is a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than CO2   

Huls_digester_th.jpg More information
about the Huls Dairy Digester project is available at the
Montana NRCS website.